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Foundations of Leadership is a 6-course program that covers the essential skills needed to be an effective supervisor. This experiential learning, highly-interactive program gives participants the practical knowledge and skills to develop employees, build trust and improve performance.

LDI-cover Participants Learn How To:

  • Create high-trust relationships
  • Build a positive work environment
  • Foster a culture that honors, values and respects diversity
  • Communicate with integrity
  • Listen with empathy and understanding
  • Turn conflict into an opportunity for change and growth
  • Develop employees to perform to their highest potential
  • Plan and organize based on organizational priorities
  • Run efficient & effective meetings in five-minutes or less
  • Delegate fairly and effectively

“These sessions have not only taught me a great deal about management and leadership and equipped me with practical skills that I can apply immediately, but they have also afforded me an opportunity to network with colleagues across campus that I might not have otherwise met.“ ~Niambi Wilder
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Who Should Attend
All university supervisors, or aspiring supervisors, can benefit and are encouraged to attend this program. A broad mix of experience levels contributes to the dynamic learning environment that makes this program valuable for all participants. Foundations of Leadership is particularly helpful to supervisors with less than 5 years’ experience.

How it Works
To earn a certificate of completion, participants need to complete all 6 courses. Courses can be taken individually, but it is highly-recommended that participants take all 6 courses in order as the relationships that are developed are an integral part of the learning experience.

Learning fee is $50 for each student per course, or $300 to earn a certificate for all 6 courses. NEW CANCELLATION/NO SHOW POLICY: If you need to cancel, please do so by 9am two business days before the session. Not doing so or ‘no showing’ will result in a $25 administration fee charged to the noted KFS account.

How to Register
All active courses are on the university’s training website: You will need your approving supervisor’s name and KFS # to complete the registration.

Course Sequence
LDI I-1 Keys to a Positive Workplace
LDI I-2 Essential Communication Skills
LDI I-3 Conflict as Opportunity
LDI I-4 Effective Delegation

CCSVI - Study Update at University of Maryland Medical Center
CCSVI - Study Update at University of Maryland Medical Center
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