Medical Universities for International students

January 20, 2017

Study MedicineMedical school is hard, but choosing the right school doesn't have to be. If you are a top student looking for a top school, this list should give you a good idea of where to apply. Although many US medical schools do not accept international students for medicine, most of the best ones do.

Choosing the right school is almost as important as choosing the right major. To add an increased level of difficulty, international students interested in studying at the best schools for medicine are at a distinct disadvantage. Many schools only accept local students, and the schools that are open to international students only accept a small percentage of those who apply. Those who are interested in studying at one of the top schools in the US are in luck though. Most of the top US universities accept foreign students and below are the top five of those schools:

  1. Harvard is one of the top schools in the US no matter what the major is, so it should be of little surprise that Harvard Medical School comes in at number one on this list. More than being one of the best schools for medicine, Harvard accepts international students. Make sure you have the money though, as the school requires students to provide proof of their ability to pay. If you have the money and can get accepted, all that will be left is making it through the notoriously difficult, grueling workload. After that, your degree will be recognized anywhere in the world.
  2. One of the advantages of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, besides being one of the top schools to study medicine in the US, is that it considers all of its applicants on the same scale, regardless of whether they are international or local. In other words, rather than having a set number or percentage of international students that the school is allowed to accept, Johns Hopkins University only looks at whether or not a student is qualified and accepts or rejects the application on that basis alone. The catch is that there is no available financial assistance. Additionally, you will have to place to cover your entire tuition and living costs in an escrow before being allowed to attend. Besides studying in one of the best schools for medicine, you will also be able to gain firsthand experience in the famous Johns Hopkins Hospital, one of the best hospitals in the country.
  3. Stanford University School of Medicine accepts between 1 to 5 non-US students a year, and this number includes Canadian citizens. Much like the previously mentioned schools, you will have to set aside money to prove you can pay for your tuition and living expenses. However, unlike the other schools, Stanford does provide loans to international students if needed. Also unique about the school is its curriculum. Students choose an area they would like to focus on and are educated in that area specifically, along with the standard core classes.
  4. Next on the list of top schools to study medicine is the School of Medicine at Yale University. Just fewer than ten foreign students are accepted to Yale's medical school each year, and students are required to prove they have sufficient funds set aside for tuition and cost of living each year. One thing that is unique about Yale is that students are required to complete a thesis based on original research before graduating.
  5. Coming in at number five is Duke University. Even though it is at the bottom of this list, do not be mistaken – it is still one of the top schools to study medicine in the US. Like the above-mentioned schools, Duke requires that non-American students prove their ability to pay for their education, and no financial aid is available.

If you become discouraged about medical school, but still want to stay in the field of medicine, don't forget that there are many options in the field of medicine besides just being a doctor. National University, for example, is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and the Ministry of Education of China, and offers Bachelors of Science and Masters of Science degrees in many health related fields. Better still, the school allows students to take classes online if they are unable to attend the physical campus in California.

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