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April 16, 2016
Bioterrorism Preparedness
X-Ray Tech

What Other Techs are Saying

This is a great way to get credits. Quick and easy. - Vanessa, FL

Well written with pertinent content, I look forward to the next one I order. - George, NY

Great information and very user-friendly! - Sarah, VA

Getting continuing education is now easy and affordable for radiologic technologists who are busy and on the go. And finally there are courses that are made for you and your profession instead of physician books that are out of your scope of practice. We have unique courses offering a variety of credits to meet your needs.
All courses are e-books and post tests are all online and compatible with your tablet, PC or smartphone. There is no mailing or faxing, no waiting, and no worries with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

You can start right now and complete your credits today.

24 X-Ray CE CreditsAll of our courses are approved by ASRT and guaranteed to be accepted by all RT, NM, and US national and state registries in the USA, US territories, and Canada for both full and limited licensed radiologic technologists.

1 X-Ray CE Credit = 1 Continuing Education Unit (CEU) = 1 Education Hour

All courses on this site offer Category A credits which are accepted by ARRT as well as every US state, Canadian province, and all other Radiologic Technologist, Nuclear Medicine, and Ultrasound Technologist registries in North America for both full and limited permit CE requirements, guaranteed*.

ARRT CE and X-Ray Credits

Mammography CEThese courses were crafted by X-Ray techs for X-Ray techs. We went to a lot of trouble to make sure you actually get something valuable and relevant out of your experience and to make the process interesting and enjoyable. This year, don't give yourself a headache sifting through medical books that are beyond your scope of practice, or hunting and pecking out credits here and there. Get your CE today with a course that actually means something to you.

24 Credits

This course is everything you need to fulfill your ARRT and state requirements for general radiography in one shot. Good in all 50 states. You can get your credits done today.

15 Mammography

A mammography review course guaranteed to meet your Mammography CE requirements all at once for ARRT, MQSA, and all 50 states' registries.

12 Credits

If there were a nuclear disaster near your hospital, would you be prepared to help? You will after taking this course. Good in all 50 states and with ARRT.

20 Credits

A course on medical ethics specifically for Radiologic Technologists. If you need 20 credits, this course can get you there today. Check requirements for CA, FL, and TX.

2 Credits

Get 2 category A CE credits while learning about the history and future trends in radiology and medical imaging.

Get 2 credits today with this fast and easy course covering anatomy and radiographic positioning of the thigh, knee, tib fib, and ankle.

Radiology Continuing Education | Forensics Clip - Dallas, TX
Radiology Continuing Education | Forensics Clip - Dallas, TX
Radiologic Technologist Continuing Education
Radiologic Technologist Continuing Education
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